Professor Mark Whiteley

Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist
United Kingdom

Mark Whiteley is a consultant venous surgeon and visiting professor at The University of Surrey. Mark trained at St. Bartholomew’s hospital and was a lecturer in surgery at Oxford University, before becoming a consultant in Guildford in 1998. In 1999 he introduced endovenous surgery into the UK, which in 2013 became the NICE recommended way of treating varicose veins. Mark founded The Whiteley Clinic in 2001 and has expanded from Guildford into London and Bristol. He has published widely in the areas of endovenous surgery, pelvic venous reflux and immunohistochemical analysis of the vein wall following different endovenous treatments. He founded the The College of Phlebology, an international college for the understanding and research into venous disease, and The Leg Ulcer Charity.