Dr Kasuo Miyake

Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist

Kasuo Miyake is a vascular surgeon who devoted his carrier to vein treatments. His father, founded Clinica Miyake in 1962 and the group has been a reference for phlebology in Brazil since the 60’s

  • Medical degree at University of Sao Paulo 1985-1990
  • General and Vascular Surgery at University of Sao Paulo 1991-1995
  • PhD in Laser at University of Sao Paulo 1995-1999 (Temperature Variation as a Predictive Factor to Determine Safe Light Exposure to Human Skin)
  • Owner and President of the International Meeting on Aesthetic Phlebology (www.imap.med.br/en)
  • Former President of the Brazilian Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery 2017-2018
  • Chairman Donor at the American College of Phlebology 2008-2013
  • First MD to use spatial augmented reality in Medicine. “Reality, only better”. The Economist, 2007 Dec 8th, p.15
  • Inventor of CLaCS technique (Cryo-Laser & Cryo-Sclerotherapy).
  • Poster award at the American College of Phlebology: Superficial Venous Score 9-1 (based on the use of Augmented Reality and Ultrasound Doppler)
  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Vascular Surgery and Angiology
  • Honorary Member of Argentinian College of Vein Surgery and Lymphology