Dr Fausto Passariello

Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist, Professor of Physics and Fluid Mechanics

Dr Fausto Passariello is a Vascular surgeon and physicist, especially involved in the development of circulatory models.

He is a recognized expert in venous ultrasound and CHIVA conservative surgery and a pioneer in computer enhanced venous mapping.

He is the President of the Vasculab Foundation and the Moderator (since 28 years) of the Vasculab List, the most wider vascular community on Internet.

Since Jul 2016 he is the Editor in Chief of JTAVR, the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Vascular Research.

Dr Fausto Passariello thinks that vascular quantitative research and clinical daily activity should be both imultaneously performed for the advancement of vascular knowledge.

Where do you see the industry in the next 10 years?
I expect that industry will still influence research and clinical practice, but in a less profit-oriented way, supporting more non invasive as well as conservative procedures.

Actually, instead, procedures are supported just if they cand preview a profit for the companies, irrespective of a real profit for the patient.

Why are you excited about participating in UIP2018?
I will have the opportunity of communicating to other recognized experts my current research work and also I will meet friends and other outstanding researchers in the venous world.