Dr Attilio Cavezzi

Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist; Vice President, UIP

Graduated as MD in 1988 at Bologna University, Specialized in Vascular Surgery in 1993 at Modena University.

Since 2014 Medical Director of “Eurocenter Venalinfa”, San Benedetto del Tronto(AP), Italy.

Current Vice-president of the Intenational Union of Phlebology–UIP.

Author of several publications concerning vascular diseases in different international journals, including UIP consensus documents on duplex ultrasound investigation in venous diseases and on venous ulcers, consensus documents on (foam)sclerotherapy.

Co-author of the books: “Il Flebolinfedema:dalla diagnosi alla terapia”, “Phlebolymphoedema:from diagnosis to therapy”, “Foam Sclerotherapy:state of the art”, cd rom “Living veins and Lymphatics”. Author of chapters in different books: “Lymphedema:A Concise Compendium of Theory and Practice”, “Praktische Sklerotherapie”, “The Vein Book”

Ad-honorem visiting professor of Salvador University of Buenos Aires.

Member of: European Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, French Society of Phlebology (honorary member), Australasian College of Phlebology (honorary emeritus fellow with award of excellence), Polish Society of Phlebology (honorary member), German Society of Phlebology (corresponding international member), European Venous Forum, American College of Phlebology, Canadian Society of Phlebology, Italian College of Phlebology, International Society of Lymphology, European Group of Lymphology, , International Compression Club, The College of Phlebology.
Winner of the Platinum and Bronze award of the American College of Phlebology.

Since 2007 Coordinator/Active member of humanitarian phlebology missions in Central/South America.

Dr.Cavezzi has diagnosed/treated more than 15000 patients affected by vascular diseases.