Clickable Program

UIP 2018 have now released an interactive program outlined below. This means that you can click on sessions to find out more information about the session and its speakers.

You can also move between the days of the program by using the next and previous buttons located directly underneath the interactive program.

Abstracts are now available in a supplemental issue of the Journal of Vascular Biology, Medicine, Surgery and Phlebology.

Saturday 3 February

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Registration 0800 – 1800 Plenary Foyer | Speakers AV Support in Meeting Rooms

0900 Basic Phlebology Course I
Introduction and ACP Training Program
Anatomy and Embryology
Venous Physiology
Patient Assessment / CEAP / VCSS
Pathophysiology of Varicose Veins
Business Meeting
0930 0930
1000 1000
1030 Morning Tea 1030
1100 Basic Phlebology Course II
Duplex Scanning and Venous Mapping of CVI
Other Venous Imaging Modalities
Principles of Compression
Leg Uicers
Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
1130 1130
1200 1200
1230 1230
1300 Lunch 1300
1330 1330
1400 Basic Phlebology Course III
Sclerosing Agents
Complications of Sclerotherapy
Indications for UGFS/EVTA/Surgery
Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy
1430 1430
1500 1500
Course Business Meeting
1530 Afternoon Tea 1530
1600 Basic Phlebology Course IV
Overiew of Endovenous Procedures
Endovenous Thermal Ablation
Non-Thermal Non-Tumescent Treatments
Nerve Blocks and Tumescent Anaesthesia
Ambulatory Phlebectomy
Short Clinical Cases
UIP Consensus Meetings Contraindications of Sclerotherapy
Overview of Contraindications to Sclerotherapy
1630 1630
1700 1700
Consensus Groups
1730 Intersociety Consensus Committee Venous Mapping
Overview of Venous Mapping
1800 1800
Consensus Groups
1830 1830
1900 1900
1930 1930
2000 Sponsored Evening Events EXECOM and Consensus Groups Welcome Dinner
(by invitation)



Plenary / Keynote Lectures

Invited Lectures from VIP speakers held in the plenary to the entire delegation on important topics in phlebology.

Invited Lectures

Invited Lectures from speakers on topics decided upon by the Organising committee. Held in breakout sessions throughout the main conference days in allocated sessions

Oral Communications

Presentations from submitted abstracts.


40-45 minute class from an expert or multiple experts in the field on defined topics. An intimate session, intended to be in a small room, to a small audience (max 50 people).
Location: Rooms 214 and 215
Each session will comprise of a 45-50 minute class, followed by a discussion/question period

Intersociety Sessions

Where several societies, ideally based from different geographic regions, are invited to present their regional position on a number of topics. The session is 2 hours. There will be 4 societies per session. Each society will have equal representation. The ideas expressed should reflect the formal opinion of the society and not the personal views of the speaker as much as possible.

How-I-Do-It Videos

3-minute video presentations given by delegates. Presenters will submit an abstract discussing a brief introduction and a description of the procedure to be presented for review by the abstract submission date. Videos can then be produced by the speaker in the lead up to the conference. The video does not need to be produced as part of the abstract submission process. Videos will not be reviewed by the scientific program committee, but the presenters should be encouraged to provide videos with high production value.

Art In Phlebology

Delegates are invited to present spectacular images from the field of Phlebology.
These will be displayed throughout the conference (location(s) still to be determined) along with a brief description of the image.
Submissions should include a copy of the image, as well as a 300-word description of the image and how it was obtained.

Café Sessions

A brief 30 minute session to be conducted at the beginning of the first plenary session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Presented as though speakers are having a conversation in a café, where in reality, conversations and decisions are often made.

Live Procedural Workshop

Live procedures performed at the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Melbourne, live streamed into the convention centre.

Introduction to Phlebology

Presentations from educators in the field of phlebology, covering the Australasian College of Phlebolgy’s training program. Aimed at phlebology trainees, those interested in a phlebology training program, or those wishing to refresh their knowledge of Phlebology Fundamentals.