Live Broadcast Program

Sunday 4 February 2018
Rooms 219/220
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

It is our great pleasure to invite you to Melbourne, Australia for an advanced phlebology Live Procedural Course and Workshop to precede the UIP 2018 World Congress of Phlebology.

This one day event is aimed at phlebologists, vascular surgeons, trainees and other physicians interested in advanced endovenous procedures including the new glue ablative methods, laser and radiofrequency ablation, MOCA, foam sclerotherapy and new cosmetic procedures.

Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop.

UIP World Congress of Phlebology (4-8 February 2018) complete Program

To download a version of the live broadcast program please click here.


Medical Director: Dr Stefania Roberts
Director of Nursing: Ms. Jennie Lekich
Director of Live Broadcast: Ms. Jennie Lekich
Live Procedure Commentator: Dr Louis LoizouFaculty
Dr Greg Goodman, Dermatologist
Dr Christian Falk Heck, Plastic Surgeon
Dr Chris Lekich, Phlebologist
Dr Drew Moffrey, Gynaecologist
Dr Peter Paraskevas, Phlebologist
A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi, Phlebologist, Dermatologist
Dr Stefania Roberts, Phlebologist
Dr Paul Thibault, Phlebologist
Prof. Mark Whitley, Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist

Dr Attilio Cavezzi, Phlebologist
Dr David Jenkins, Phlebologist
Dr Paul Hannah, Phlebologist
Prof. Kenneth Myers, Phlebologist
Dr Adrian Lim, Phlebologist, Dermatologist
Dr Louis Loizou, Phlebologist
Dr Simon Thibault, Phlebologist

Session 1

Review Lectures
Chair: Prof. Ken Myers
Moderator: Dr Paul Hannah
8:00 Registration
8:30 Treatment Planning Dr Louis Loizou
8:45 Overview of Endovenous Ablative Methods Dr Stefania Roberts
9:15 Endovenous Glue Ablation: Australasian Standards Prof. Ken Myers
9:30 Principles of Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy Dr Paul Thibault
9:45 Panel Discussion
10:00 Morning Tea

Session 2

Live Procedures: Saphenous Trunks
Chair: Dr Paul Thibault
Moderator: Dr Paul Dinnen
10:30 Thermal Ablation
10:30 Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)
Dr Chris Lekich, Phlebologist
11:00 Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)
Dr Peter Paraskevas, Phlebologist
11:30 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Closure (CAC)
11:30 Venablock
A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi, Phlebologist

12:00 Venaseal
Dr Stefania Roberts, Phlebologist
12:30 Mechano-chemical Ablation (MOCA)
12:30 Clarivein
Prof. Mark Whitley, Vasular Surgeon, Phlebologist

13:00 Lunch

Session 3

Live Procedures
Chair: Dr Attilio Cavezzi
Moderator: Dr Simon Thibault
14:00 Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy
14:00 Foam UGS
Dr Chris Lekich, Phlebologist
14:30 Ambulatory Phlebectomy
Dr Andrew Stirling, Phlebologist
15:00 Direct Vision Sclerotherapy
Dr Stefania Roberts, Phlebologist
15:30 Afternoon Tea

Session 4

Live Procedures
Chair: Dr David Jenkins
Moderator: Dr Adrian Lim
16:00 Cosmetic Sclerotherapy and Cross Specialty
16:00 Peri-orbital Veins Sclerotherapy
Dr Peter Parskevas, Phlebologist
16:20 Hand vein Sclerotherapy
Dr Stefania Roberts, Phlebologist
16:40 Cosmetic Fillers for Hand veins
Dr Greg Goodman, Dermatologistn
17:00 Cross Specialty
17:00 Water-assisted Liposuction for Lipoedema
Dr Christian Falk Heck, Plastic Surgeon
17:20 Vaginal Rejuvenation with MCL-31 Erbium Laser
Dr Paul Thibault, Phlebologist
17:40 Vaginal Sensation with Viveve – RF Device
Dr Drew Moffrey, Gynecologist
18:00 Panel Discussion
18:30 Drinks, Bubblies, Beer and Foam!

Enjoy a day of lively debate and interaction while watching the latest in endovenous ablative methods